Tuesday, March 3, 2009


yoyo..~~i'm here to blogging n update tis lmao blog...hahahaha...
i love to blogging..so wat..??^^..
wei,,i think we need a 2nd reunion la..!!!
haizz...long time din meet u all..including michell..hahahaha...=p
reli miss her la..although i everyday gt see her..
damn miss u all..eerrmm..i gt contact wif others like..yee leng..ee lyn..alvin..siew hooi..mi chell..even en.syabil oso i gt contact at his myspace..hahah..i think tats onli lorr..haizz...dunno how to contact others la...!!!
i noe la..some of u busy wif spm de..
but we cant study for 48 hours rite..??=.=
haizzz........hope there's will b da 2nd reunion leyh..!!
when..??school holiday.??march..??june..??
somemore..da khemah prob din settle yet rite..??

-juz updated-
-syahirah de craziest munich-ian-
*not so crazy actually..*