Friday, December 19, 2008


cheewahh...fuyyo!!!this is all tat i could say bout us bolot+ing about 4 hamperrz!!!woohooo...i'm sooo..proud!!! anyway...lupe nak intro pulak yek... well..i'm anushiya..hmm..a munich-ian!!
usually..u guyz..suke bangat commend yang i don't take the medicine 4 the tell u guyz the truth..i memang dah lame cutdown perscribing..u medicines...ape nak buat.. it is among my tactic to cutdown my living on earth costs..cooo..i could make it 4 all the meetingz and stuffs u no...!mahal bangat nowdays thingsz kan!!!
yo..getting back to our group stuffs..mmm..lets start with the guy with many stylezz...Alvin..
Ketua platun..wat 2 say??1st time jumpe die..i have 2 admit..i reli tot..deadlah i...dapat tis dull looking guy as a ketua..but then i understood.. different individual certainly rich with different style as a leader!! hui
meng..bendahari@pen.ketua platun..2 start..she's!! i reli admire her far as i know.. she appear 2 be shy..but her!! and then..she's full of supprises..4 eg:...she have been reli quiet all way long..untill..on the very fated 3rd nite of d kem..she actually loves dancing..n she brings it out great!!! on arr!!
fazli..he's actually good..and very productive..i mean ..c'on..there's no name tag without him rite!!hmm..cyrill..someone hu i actually fail 2 see through him..well i dunno..but isn't he tooooo quiet???but i tot mayb him being quiet will bring d team down but..walla..he's the best qm...chiayok..doesn't judge the book by its cover larr..!!
here comes syarif..form 2 but taller than me..ishk ishk ishk! hey he's actually a reli tough boy packed with never ending stamina..guyzz..watching him getting through the kecekalan was amazing!!ohh!! and he neva complained bout his long deep cut for the sake of our groups victory!! i as your dance partner am actually proud of u'r capability!!mantain man!!!
michell..naughty..very trully!!ee lyn n yee u 2!!anis,ain,n amirah..guyz..u reli rock!! and siew hooi+darweenaa..appreciate the tent!..we're homeless without u 2!!and darweenaa..personally..i miss u'r sweet 'natcharippu'!
wyatt..honestly..u'r a clown lor beb!!n nyuk fen...+ying qiu..u guyzz will always meke me laugh..
well..u reli don't need 2 know the reason!ten,ten,ten...i won't miss u..c'mon..we're buddies rite..
so c u at skool n letz reach 4 d starz of spm 2gether!!
aidil..yo the benderaman..rally helpfull..n sometime..i reli appreciate u'r h/p!!XD..syahirah..girl..u'r absolutely..fantastic+bombastic..sporting la lu..!! could ever 4get our cik suey erz..en.syabil..n their jnr:azmi n midthra....who had neva fail to always tag along us to get us through the thornzz!! love ya guyzz alot!!!!
sir shree+vad 43+MEB08=A REALLY GREAT+ALL -STIC+ROCKING KEM BELIA 31 huhuhu..hehehe..hahaha!!


till then;
the girl with good course of
medical probzz!!

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