Tuesday, March 3, 2009


yoyo..~~i'm here to blogging n update tis lmao blog...hahahaha...
i love to blogging..so wat..??^^..
wei,,i think we need a 2nd reunion la..!!!
haizz...long time din meet u all..including michell..hahahaha...=p
reli miss her la..although i everyday gt see her..
damn miss u all..eerrmm..i gt contact wif others like..yee leng..ee lyn..alvin..siew hooi..mi chell..even en.syabil oso i gt contact at his myspace..hahah..i think tats onli lorr..haizz...dunno how to contact others la...!!!
i noe la..some of u busy wif spm de..
but we cant study for 48 hours rite..??=.=
haizzz........hope there's will b da 2nd reunion leyh..!!
when..??school holiday.??march..??june..??
somemore..da khemah prob din settle yet rite..??

-juz updated-
-syahirah de craziest munich-ian-
*not so crazy actually..*

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hye..our blog "die" edi ahh..??hahah..juz singgah here to spam our blog..hahah..so..munich-ians..how's school goin huh..??ok izzit..??hei...we already hv exco for 2009...reli hope exco09 more mantap..^^...erm..dunno wat to say edi la...eyh..when is da 2nd reounion..??!!!faster do..hihih..its onli left 30 mins to 25th Jan..so let me wish b4 12am..hahah... Cik Suey Erz HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!!n of coz good luck for ur spm n good luck in ur life..XD..same goes to all munich-ians who will take spm tis year..n for those tat will take pmr..including me..GOOD LUCK K.!!!^^..for others..hope you will more active in RC..!!Hidup BSM..!!hahah..theres many activities will coming soon..!!hope can go all of its..!!!haizz..dunno wat to tell edi..well..i'm a pelupa la..later if ingat then i post more ok..hahaha..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Munich-ians..

aloha munich-ians...wishes to all of u a happy new year..although its a new year..but dun 4gt kem belia ke31..MUNICH always..cant wait 4 da next reunion...hope all of u can come..then we can meet again la..^^...

miss u all damn much..

Saturday, December 20, 2008



today(20th december) is sir b'day..so...me as a wakil 4rom munich want 2 wish u(sir)...happy birthday..!!!hope ur wish will come true...anyway how old is sir now ahh..???hahah..sir thnx a lot coz helping us at da passed of kem belia...thnx a lot...appreciate it very much...rc nite charity gala dinner is tonight...hope u guys will enjoying tat night..!!!!too bad i din go..!!!haha...wat else ahh..??!!actually many things i want to tell but i dunno how to start it...hahah..mayb next time k...c u all again..

MUNICH-ians out there...

HEY MUNICH-ians, GUESS WHAT? Maybe there will be a second reunion for Munich!! Yes, that's right, u din see wrong.. Maybe second reunion, this is because we haven't settle the Anis's beg khemah problem.. I think I will go and look for a cheap six men tent.. But then, so sorry for the boys, we had to share the payment and ganti one for anis.. Who asked to be so careless.. hahahaha..

So, keep an eye of this blog.. Second reunion better got go watch movie together.. hahaha.. This is alvin, the dull looking ketua signing off-chaoz..

Friday, December 19, 2008


cheewahh...fuyyo!!!this is all tat i could say bout us bolot+ing about 4 hamperrz!!!woohooo...i'm sooo..proud!!! anyway...lupe nak intro pulak yek... well..i'm anushiya..hmm..a munich-ian!!
usually..u guyz..suke bangat commend yang i don't take the medicine 4 the day..well..to tell u guyz the truth..i memang dah lame cutdown perscribing..u no..my medicines...ape nak buat.. it is among my tactic to cutdown my living on earth costs..cooo..i could make it 4 all the meetingz and stuffs u no...!mahal bangat nowdays thingsz kan!!!
yo..getting back to our group stuffs..mmm..lets start with the guy with many stylezz...Alvin..
Ketua platun..wat 2 say??1st time jumpe die..i have 2 admit..i reli tot..deadlah i...dapat tis dull looking guy as a ketua..but then i understood.. different individual certainly rich with different style as a leader!!
next..ong hui
meng..bendahari@pen.ketua platun..2 start..she's cute..mm..reli!! i reli admire her atitude..well..as far as i know.. she appear 2 be shy..but her voice...wow..bergema!! and then..she's full of supprises..4 eg:...she have been reli quiet all way long..untill..on the very fated 3rd nite of d kem..she actually loves dancing..n she brings it out great!!! on arr!!
fazli..he's actually good..and very productive..i mean ..c'on..there's no name tag without him rite!!hmm..cyrill..someone hu i actually fail 2 see through him..well i dunno..but isn't he tooooo quiet???but i tot mayb him being quiet will bring d team down but..walla..he's the best qm...chiayok..doesn't judge the book by its cover larr..!!
here comes syarif..form 2 but taller than me..ishk ishk ishk! hey he's actually a reli tough boy packed with never ending stamina..guyzz..watching him getting through the kecekalan was amazing!!ohh!! and he neva complained bout his long deep cut for the sake of our groups victory!! i as your dance partner am actually proud of u'r capability!!mantain man!!!
michell..naughty..very trully!!ee lyn n yee leng..love u 2!!anis,ain,n amirah..guyz..u reli rock!! and siew hooi+darweenaa..appreciate the tent!..we're homeless without u 2!!and darweenaa..personally..i miss u'r sweet 'natcharippu'!
wyatt..honestly..u'r a clown lor beb!!n nyuk fen...+ying qiu..u guyzz will always meke me laugh..
well..u reli don't need 2 know the reason!ten,ten,ten...i won't miss u..c'mon..we're buddies rite..
so c u at skool n letz reach 4 d starz of spm 2gether!!
aidil..yo the benderaman..rally helpfull..n sometime..i reli appreciate u'r h/p!!XD..syahirah..girl..u'r absolutely..fantastic+bombastic..sporting la lu..!!
and..how could ever 4get our cik suey erz..en.syabil..n their jnr:azmi n midthra....who had neva fail to always tag along us to get us through the thornzz!! love ya guyzz alot!!!!
sir shree+vad 43+MEB08=A REALLY GREAT+ALL -STIC+ROCKING KEM BELIA 31 huhuhu..hehehe..hahaha!!


till then;
the girl with good course of
medical probzz!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


LOvE is a very special things.
LOvE is a very different things.
is jus like a different shape de mirror.
LOvE is jus like some mirror easily to break.
is also like some mirror can last longer.

is so different because...
got many type like family love, friends love, couple loves n team love.

LOvE give us mirracle!!!!
give us happiness.
give us sadness.
LOvE give us memori.
LOvE give us family.
LOvE give us friends.
LOvE give us couple.
also give us team~MUNICH!!!!!!!





Becoz i too LOVE munich!! I cry before... haiz.. 2 miss munich member n our faci ma... munich member so nice n our faci so nice( although en.syabil bully me before).. I still wan to do a thing when rc nite (if can la).. i hope i can hug my munich member n munich's faci... u all don mind ho?? jus as friend ma... nevermind wan la.... CAn ? =)


munich!! i love u so much!!

Halo!! i'm Michell.. NOW i'm gonna write out my perasaan n kenangan wif munich la( if vry teruk don scold me la.. i still small..)... de 1st time i saw MUNICH, i really afraid... i don even noe my ketua~alvin is who.. i scared i got a ok ok punya team n a ok ok punya ketua... UNTILL!!!!! We go through many meeting, many problem, many happiness, many sadnessss n de really challenge came~kem belia ke-31... NOW i noe MUNICH is de BEST!!!!!! de BEST team i EVER HAD!!! I from quiet became active den became naughty( i still don wan to admit i naughty la) is becoz of MUNICH!! MUNICH changed me to another person... To a person who in de bus still berani kacau ppl, berani talk, berani laugh n berani take pic when ppl sleeping(specially alvin n de girl is my hasil karya) hahahaha... n to a person who at de camp still can so active, so noisy n so naughty.. heh heh... n at last to a person tat when en.syabil say gelak! i sure will gelak.. hah hah.. munich until now sure dono de reason le?? let me tell u all la... One day, i at hq.. de weather is so good until wan to raining... hq is full wif flower from de tree beside de road n there is maybe 4 or 5 kumpulan meeting... some is kawat+ing.. some is... AHH!!!! don hit me!!!!! ok ok!! i say!! i say!! tat day munich ask me to take back de boxes.. Ya la!!! tat day!!! forgot already i hit u ah!!! tat day ask me to take some heavy de boxes... huu.. tat day... ahhh!! pain!!! who hit me??!! SAy ma say lo.. No need to hit me wan!! tat day after meeting bersurai, i n ying qiu (pikaqiu) still waiting ppl before go back home... tat time, en.syabil suddenly came out n MEREPEK wif us... he keep on saying tis n tat... i cant tahan him merepek (funny ma) den i laugh lo.. non stop laughing... haiz i also don wan wan... he lo!! haizz... now understand y i will gelak when en.syabil say gelak?? don understand?? coMe n find me.. i will kick u, smash u n hit u.. hahahha jus kidding la... don so serius... ok la... my explaination until here.. at last i wan to say is munich!!!!!!!!! MICHELL love u all so much!!! our faci~en.syabil n cik suey erz!!! MICHELL really happy to meet u all n MICHELL really love u all!!!! thx MUNICH give me a kenangan terindah n thx our faci give me a memori yg terspecial!!!!!!!! thanks!!!! i love u all so much!! MUACK!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Munich 1st reunion

So..semalam adalah 1st reunion bg munich...!!however..some of the members cant come...yesterday..we open our hamper's at HQ...wif our beloved faciliator..en.syabil...n cik suey erz cant come..she is at japan now..!!!we took long time 2 eat da foods..because there's 3 hamper's..luckily 1 hamper we had open it on da last day kem belia..we eat it in da bus..!!hahah..we had a lovely day yesterday..!!!so here are the pictures that we have took..!!!

Munich wif some exco's..hahah..tak nampak
muka cik Atul dgn en.Phang..!!

Munich n En.Syabil..!!!!

munich free style..eyh..mi chell nak pergi mana..??

eyh..belum sedia lagi la..kenapa ambil

Munich mmg suka ambil gambar.!!
after we had open da hamper's..n eat 4 long hours..wyatt planed 2 go KP..n play bowling...but..
i also dont know..suddenly they play another game..but i dont care about this..!!!we play at CIRCUS..!!hahah...Munich banyak style ma..semua boleh main..!!

hui meng..kecil-kecil cili padi..tapi..
pandai bawa motor tu...

siew hooi n yee leng..~mereka tgh race..

shariff...sampai 10 kali cuba ambil "teddy bear"
tapi tak dapat juga..!!!

anushiya...dia punya"penyakit" belum sembuh...hahah..

wow...ee lyn..bawa kereta..!!!tak sangka betul..^_^

cyrill,aidil,syariff main bola..!!

Darweena dan anushiya..

Then..after we finish our lunch..time 2 go home..!!!sobs T_T..n wyatt..hampir nak menangis..!!!actually not wyatt onli...i think..all of us also want 2 cry..tapi..takkan nak nangis dkt MCD kot..!!!haha..lepas tu...diorang nak buat sorakan...so..we search a "suitable" place la..!!!takkan nak buat kat MCD..we do our sorakan infront a lift..outside KP...we all scared later got ppl suddenly keluar dari lift then terkejut..!!hhaha...so..mula mula..we do perlahan..but then..makin lama makin kuat..!!!then the last part of our sorakan.."huurrgghhh..ngaumm"..suddenly got 1 auntie come out 4rom the lift...hahaha..we all laughing like hell onli...the auntie face very funny..macam ternampak hantu onli..!!!hahhaha....after that...they going home..!!while me,mi chell,yee leng,ee lyn,siew hooi n wyatt..waiting 4 our pictures done 4rom edit..!!!we go home at 5 PM..hahahah...is there any 2nd reunion 4 MUNICH..??!!i hope got..!!!i'm so sad cant meet u all at RC NITE..!!!!
itu saje buat mase sekarang..i'm sorry..my english n my malay very teruk...hahah...because this is the 1st time i "conduct" tis blog..so i fell uncomfortable wif tis blog..!!hahah..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Munich Reunion!

So sorry to tell this, Munich reunion changed again!!! Now, it's on 16 December 2008.. Please take note.. Thank you very much.. please inform your friends especially Siew Hooi.. Please tel Darweena coz I don't have her contact number..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

MUNICH-ians out there!!! I miss you guyz!!!

Dear MUNICH-ians out there.. Our reunion is on 19 Dec which the eve of RC NITE!!! Wohooo.. Athens is doing reunion on the same day as well but however they are doing the reunion in Klang Parade.. They are inviting us to join them but I wonder what u guys think.. Tell me your opinion in the cbox.. Thanks ya :)

Hey our partner in Kem Belia, Tokyo has a blog as well!!! Visit them.. KB31-Tokyo-7.blogspot.com.. Damn cekap laa their blog.. ONG AR!!!

1. Alvin Chan Kai Yi ( Ketua Munich )
2. Ong Hui Meng ( Penolong/Bendahari )
3. Anushiya ( S/U)
4. Cyrill ( QM )
5. Fazli ( Keselamatan )
6. Wyatt ( Kebudayaan )
7. Anis
8. Amirah
9. Yee Leng
10. Ee Lyn
11. Thew Michell
12. Ying Qiu
13. Aidil
14. Sharif
15. Ain
16. Syahirah
17. Tenmoli
18. Siew Hooi
19. Darweena
20. Nyuk Fen

A special thanks to Sir Shreenath, VAD 43, MEB 2008 and B-Team08' for organizing such a wonderful, fantastic, bombastic camp!! The 31st edition of Kem Belia is the best!!! No doubt about it.. Not to forget, we will like to thank our 'fasilitator' Cik Suey Erz and En.Syabil for their guidance throughout the camp.. Love and miss them so much..

Alvin here.. Here is my personal message to those MUNICH-ians out there!! I know you are reading and waiting for this :)

Change to malay laaa.. Hahahaha..

Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada:

Hui Meng, pembantu saya dan 'bank keeper' yang cekap.. Orangnya kecil, tapi kecil-kecil cili padi!! Hah, jangan main-main dengannya bila dia serius.. Saya terkejut sangat apabila dengar dia memberi kommand semasa kawad!!! Hahaha, masa river trekking lah yang paling lucu.. Hui Meng hampir terhanyut!!! "Thank you for your guidance throughout the camp especially in first aid and team test!!"

Anushiya, setiausaha platun!! Memang hebat laporannya, penuh dengan saspens dan cerita!!! Hahaha.. Mula-mula, dia memang okay, normal.. Tapi makin hari makin gila!!! Saya selaku ketua pun risau sikit la, takut takut ada member yang over aktif.. Masa debate, memang cekap!!! Entah sekarang dah okay ke tidak.. Hahaha..

Cyrill, QM Munich!!! Orangnya diam sepanjang masa.. Hanya cakap bila perlu.. Style dia memang cekap laa.. Tapi kesian kat dia juga, tengah malam kena cuci pinggan mangkuk platun.. "You are the best!"

Fazli, selaku ajk keselamatan platun.. Bila rasa tak selamat, cari lah dia!!! Hahaha.. Fazli aka Treasure Hunter!!! Dia lah yang jumpa harta karun semasa modul.. Ada 'six sense' ar?

Wyatt, selaku ajk kebudayaan platun.. Tapi tentang persembahan platun, Tenmoli yang ajar.. Hahaha, Wyatt juga merupakan member yang paling bising.. Oleh yang demikian, dia telah memberi banyak idea kepada platun!! Memang hebat..

Anis, Ain & Amirah, member platun.. "Thank you for everything".. Hah, apakah persamaan antara mereka? ketiga-tiganya pastilah perempuan Melayu.. Mereka ni banyak menyumbang dalam laungan platun.. Memang HOT-TO-GO!!!

Yee Leng & Ee Lyn.. Nama pun dah hampir sama.. Sekolah pun sama (Kota Kemuning).. Ee Lyn seorang yang 'well-prepared' semasa kem.. Siap dengan 'sun block' la, 'moon block', apa pun block.. Nasib baik tak ada 'Alvin block'.. Hahaha.. Yee Leng lain cerita pula.. Ganas sikit.. Eh joking je..

Thew Michell & Ying Qiu.. Michell, jelas sekali member yang paling nakal (according to En.Syabil & Cik Suey Erz ).. Memang nakal, mungkin TERLALU nakal sehingga berani menangkap gambar saya tidur.. Entah kenapa, bila dia tengok saja En.Syabil, dia pasti akan ketawa.. Hahaha.. Pasal Ying Qiu lain cerita.. Masa memperkenalkan diri, saya terdengar pikachu.. Sorry Ying Qiu.. "You are really chubby like pikachu"

Aidil & Sharif.. Kedua-dua pun member yang penting.. Aidil aka 'benderaman'.. Tugasnya ialah jaga bendera platun.. Sharif pula ialah bendera designer.. Memang bersemangat masa kem.. "You guys ROXXX"

Syahirah, tenmoli & nyuk fen.. Sebenarnya, saya dah kenal Syahirah di blog tapi tak pernah jumpa la sebelum ni, but thanks to this camp, saya sekarang dah kenal.. Hope to see you more, suruhlah kak Kui Yee tu untuk jemput Samad ke aktiviti BK seperti Summer Camp.. Tenmoli pula aka Kebudayaan Teacher.. Hahaha, bila dia kata "Sekarang semua orang kena cari satu partner", Hatiku dah kata, "Okay, siapa pun boleh, please jangan pula kena partner dengannya" Akibatnya, memang Alvin partner dengan Tenmoli!!!!! Nyuk Fen dari sekolah Klang Utama, overall memang hebat!

Siew Hooi & Darweena.. Kedua-duanya pun dari sekolah Batu Unjur! "Thanks to you guys for the tents".. Tanpa Siew Hooi & Darweena, sudah pasti Munich tak dapat tidur.. Thanks alot..

Thanks to all of you!!!! HIDUP MUNICH!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

More wonderful memories.. Awww..

Still can't get enough of Kem Belia? Here are a few more wonderful memories..

Why I dun have inside wan?! How come?! NOOOO.. Hahaha


Style Munich.. Cekap dan bergaya.. hahaha

Best picture!! I love this picture so much.. I miss Munich, En.Syabil, Cik Suey Erz and Kem Belia!!

Aiyahh.. Sharif tak pandang kamera pulak.. Hahaha.. Munich Love RC.. Satu platun satu baju!!

Blessed with hampers and prizes.. Wohoo..

Bon Appetite.. Munich makan pun ada style.. Chewahhh

Cik Suey Erz!!! We miss you!!

Bright background.. Maybe it does mean Munich having a bright future.. hahaha.. Why I looked so Ah Beng?! Arghhh..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Munich is the champion!!! Wohoo!!!

Wohooo!! Munich is the champion!!! Cekap betul la style saya.. hahahaha.. Too bad, I am already Form 4.. Old already lo.. canot join much HQ activities next year, got SPM..

Kenangan Munich yang terindah.. Enjoy.. Sesiapa yang ada gambar lain terutamanya gambar dari kamera Ee Lyn, cuba send kepada saya...

Alvin- Blog: Wind-92.blogspot.com
Hotmail: Handsome_tropism@hotmail.com (email cari friendster saya)

Hahaha, very funny the way Aidil sleep..

All sleep.. Haiyo.. Lepas menang pastilah tidur sepuas-puasnya..

Ketua Munich.. Paling cekap, mantap.. Hahaha.. dan Ah beng

No movement, very disiplin.. Hahaha, orangnya diam, tidur pun smart..

Dahlah tu, jangan nangis Fazli, kita kan menang!! Eh, Fazli tengah tidur?! New style..

Wah!!! Syahirah & Hui Meng sleeping.. Hui Meng tengah mimpi tentang kena hanyut di sungai yang deras masa kem..

Michell syok sendiri with the hamper.. Eh, baby Wyatt oso u take ar?!

Har, Wyatt sleeping?! Ahli Munich yang paling bising.. Hahaha..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alvin here again..

Nampaknya internet bukanlah satu tempat yang selamat.. Kemungkinan ada 'orang lain' dah jumpa blog ini..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alvin here.. Blog ini direka khas untuk Kem Belia

Saya memang berharap kami semua dapat bekerjasama dan menjadi satu keluarga, one family.. Hahaha, tolong belajar dan kuasai 6 basic ya :).. Sangat penting untuk menang..

Tapi sebelum saya merancang strategi, tolong tepuk dada tanya sendiri.. Sudahkah anda mempunyai '6 basic' saya?

1. Sejarah&kini (ICRC & BSM, Kem Belia)

Siapakah pengasas palang merah? (Sir Jean Henry Dunant)
Tarikh lahirnya? (8 Mei 1828)
Bilakah beliau meninggal dunia? (30 Oktober 1910)
Lagu Tema Kem Belia-31? (Gemuruh- Faizal Tahir)
Tema Kem Belia-31? (Citius, Altius, Fortius, Humanitas yang bermaksud Faster, Higher, Stronger for Humanity)
Nama tempat perkhemahan? (Lembah Genting, Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor)
Nama maskot Kem Belia-31? (Zakumi (harimau bintang, leopard))
Bilakah perayaan hari palang sedunia yang pertama? ( 8 Mei 1948 )
Bilakah konvesyen geneva pertama ditandatangani? ( 22 Ogos 1864 )
Bilakah Mesyurat Jawatankuasa Lima Antarabangsa diadakan? ( 17 Februari 1863)

2. Lagu BSM
Tahukah anda lirik lagu BSM?
Tahukah anda menyanyinya dengan betul?
Beranikah anda mengetuai lagu BSM semasa perhimpunan?

3. Ikrar BSM
Tahukah anda ikrar BSM?
Beranikah anda mengetuai ikrar BSM semasa perhimpunan?

4. Sosial&Tepukan
Tahukah anda bermain permainan sosial yang penting?
CTH: Suranganee, Tepuk Bulan Sabit, Chapter Klang, Red Crescent, Tepuk semangat

5. Kawad kaki
Tahukah anda tentang hukum komand?
Tahukah anda tentang 'timing' hukum kawad?
Bolehkah anda kawad?

6. Pertolongan Cemas *penting*
Tahukah anda tentang pertolongan cemas?
Apa itu DRABC?
Apa itu CPR?
Apa itu RICE?
Tahukah anda tentang objektif Pertolongan Cemas?
Apakah sifat-sifat seorang ahli Pertolongan Cemas?
Sudahkah anda menguasai 25 skills Pertolongan Cemas?

Seperti yang dikatakan, kesemua 6 basic mesti dalam 'finger-tipped'.. Gambateh lo..

Platun 8 (Munich) pasti akan menang!! Hahaha..