Friday, December 12, 2008

More wonderful memories.. Awww..

Still can't get enough of Kem Belia? Here are a few more wonderful memories..

Why I dun have inside wan?! How come?! NOOOO.. Hahaha


Style Munich.. Cekap dan bergaya.. hahaha

Best picture!! I love this picture so much.. I miss Munich, En.Syabil, Cik Suey Erz and Kem Belia!!

Aiyahh.. Sharif tak pandang kamera pulak.. Hahaha.. Munich Love RC.. Satu platun satu baju!!

Blessed with hampers and prizes.. Wohoo..

Bon Appetite.. Munich makan pun ada style.. Chewahhh

Cik Suey Erz!!! We miss you!!

Bright background.. Maybe it does mean Munich having a bright future.. hahaha.. Why I looked so Ah Beng?! Arghhh..

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