Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hye..our blog "die" edi ahh..??hahah..juz singgah here to spam our's school goin huh..??ok izzit..??hei...we already hv exco for 2009...reli hope exco09 more mantap..^^...erm..dunno wat to say edi la...eyh..when is da 2nd reounion..??!!!faster do..hihih..its onli left 30 mins to 25th let me wish b4 12am..hahah... Cik Suey Erz HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!!n of coz good luck for ur spm n good luck in ur life..XD..same goes to all munich-ians who will take spm tis year..n for those tat will take pmr..including me..GOOD LUCK K.!!!^^..for others..hope you will more active in RC..!!Hidup BSM..!!hahah..theres many activities will coming soon..!!hope can go all of its..!!!haizz..dunno wat to tell edi..well..i'm a pelupa la..later if ingat then i post more ok..hahaha..

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