Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Munich 1st reunion

So..semalam adalah 1st reunion bg munich...!!however..some of the members cant come...yesterday..we open our hamper's at HQ...wif our beloved faciliator..en.syabil...n cik suey erz cant come..she is at japan now..!!!we took long time 2 eat da foods..because there's 3 hamper's..luckily 1 hamper we had open it on da last day kem belia..we eat it in da bus..!!hahah..we had a lovely day yesterday..!!!so here are the pictures that we have took..!!!

Munich wif some exco's..hahah..tak nampak
muka cik Atul dgn en.Phang..!!

Munich n En.Syabil..!!!!

munich free style..eyh..mi chell nak pergi mana..??

eyh..belum sedia lagi la..kenapa ambil

Munich mmg suka ambil gambar.!!
after we had open da hamper's..n eat 4 long hours..wyatt planed 2 go KP..n play bowling...but..
i also dont know..suddenly they play another game..but i dont care about this..!!!we play at CIRCUS..!!hahah...Munich banyak style ma..semua boleh main..!!

hui meng..kecil-kecil cili padi..tapi..
pandai bawa motor tu...

siew hooi n yee leng..~mereka tgh race..

shariff...sampai 10 kali cuba ambil "teddy bear"
tapi tak dapat juga..!!!

anushiya...dia punya"penyakit" belum sembuh...hahah..

 lyn..bawa kereta..!!!tak sangka betul..^_^

cyrill,aidil,syariff main bola..!!

Darweena dan anushiya..

Then..after we finish our lunch..time 2 go home..!!!sobs T_T..n wyatt..hampir nak menangis..!!!actually not wyatt onli...i think..all of us also want 2 cry..tapi..takkan nak nangis dkt MCD kot..!!!haha..lepas tu...diorang nak buat search a "suitable" place la..!!!takkan nak buat kat MCD..we do our sorakan infront a lift..outside KP...we all scared later got ppl suddenly keluar dari lift then terkejut..!! mula..we do perlahan..but then..makin lama makin kuat..!!!then the last part of our sorakan.."huurrgghhh..ngaumm"..suddenly got 1 auntie come out 4rom the lift...hahaha..we all laughing like hell onli...the auntie face very funny..macam ternampak hantu onli..!!!hahhaha....after that...they going home..!!while me,mi chell,yee leng,ee lyn,siew hooi n wyatt..waiting 4 our pictures done 4rom edit..!!!we go home at 5 there any 2nd reunion 4 MUNICH..??!!i hope got..!!!i'm so sad cant meet u all at RC NITE..!!!!
itu saje buat mase sekarang..i'm english n my malay very teruk...hahah...because this is the 1st time i "conduct" tis i fell uncomfortable wif tis blog..!!hahah..

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