Thursday, December 18, 2008

munich!! i love u so much!!

Halo!! i'm Michell.. NOW i'm gonna write out my perasaan n kenangan wif munich la( if vry teruk don scold me la.. i still small..)... de 1st time i saw MUNICH, i really afraid... i don even noe my ketua~alvin is who.. i scared i got a ok ok punya team n a ok ok punya ketua... UNTILL!!!!! We go through many meeting, many problem, many happiness, many sadnessss n de really challenge came~kem belia ke-31... NOW i noe MUNICH is de BEST!!!!!! de BEST team i EVER HAD!!! I from quiet became active den became naughty( i still don wan to admit i naughty la) is becoz of MUNICH!! MUNICH changed me to another person... To a person who in de bus still berani kacau ppl, berani talk, berani laugh n berani take pic when ppl sleeping(specially alvin n de girl is my hasil karya) hahahaha... n to a person who at de camp still can so active, so noisy n so naughty.. heh heh... n at last to a person tat when en.syabil say gelak! i sure will gelak.. hah hah.. munich until now sure dono de reason le?? let me tell u all la... One day, i at hq.. de weather is so good until wan to raining... hq is full wif flower from de tree beside de road n there is maybe 4 or 5 kumpulan meeting... some is kawat+ing.. some is... AHH!!!! don hit me!!!!! ok ok!! i say!! i say!! tat day munich ask me to take back de boxes.. Ya la!!! tat day!!! forgot already i hit u ah!!! tat day ask me to take some heavy de boxes... huu.. tat day... ahhh!! pain!!! who hit me??!! SAy ma say lo.. No need to hit me wan!! tat day after meeting bersurai, i n ying qiu (pikaqiu) still waiting ppl before go back home... tat time, en.syabil suddenly came out n MEREPEK wif us... he keep on saying tis n tat... i cant tahan him merepek (funny ma) den i laugh lo.. non stop laughing... haiz i also don wan wan... he lo!! haizz... now understand y i will gelak when en.syabil say gelak?? don understand?? coMe n find me.. i will kick u, smash u n hit u.. hahahha jus kidding la... don so serius... ok la... my explaination until here.. at last i wan to say is munich!!!!!!!!! MICHELL love u all so much!!! our faci~en.syabil n cik suey erz!!! MICHELL really happy to meet u all n MICHELL really love u all!!!! thx MUNICH give me a kenangan terindah n thx our faci give me a memori yg terspecial!!!!!!!! thanks!!!! i love u all so much!! MUACK!!

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SYAHIRAH said...

mi chell..WE LOVE YOU 2..!!!